“The meat is very tender and succulent, and does not have the gamey taste which is otherwise quite common in duck meat. We have never looked back since.”

Andrew Tijoe

President & CEO of Tung Lok Group
“The wagyu of ducks because, like well-marbled Japanese beef, the birds have a high fat content.”

Mervin Goh

Co-owner of London Fat Duck
“Roasted Irish ducks are more fragrant and juicy as these meatier birds have a good amount of fat that makes the meat more tender and flavourful.”​

Poon Kwong Fat

Head Chef of London Fat Duck
“Succulent without strong gaminess, and with sufficient fat and crispy skin”

Jarrod Seah

Owner of Legendary Hong Kong Restaurant
“What is special about these Irish ducks is that they are fatter than the ones from around here. That makes them very good for roasting because not only does the meat stay moist, but the bit of fat under the skin also adds an amazing flavour.”

Wong Ah Yoke

Food Critic For The Straits Times
“It is excellent for roasting. You can’t beat it if you are roasting it whole or on the crown.”

Melvin Chou

Sous Chef of Unlisted Collection
“The duck … is a superior creature. The meat is juicy, not too gamey, and the layer of fat is tantalising without being overwhelming.”

Yeoh Wee Teck

The Straits Times
“The reasoning is that calm ducks evidently offer more supple, flavourful meat and are less gamey. Who knew? When bitten into, the wafer-thin skin releases a delicious scrim of fat imbued with great depth of flavour. The layer of meat beneath is tender and succulent”

Annette Tan

Today Online