The Wagyu Of duck wows visitors at Food & Hotel Asia 2022 (5-8 Sep 2022)

Over 200 ducks were served to stall visitors at the four-day expo. With 375 positive enquiries and over 10,000 trade show visitors a day, food enthusiasts were treated to Irish Duck’s world-renowned succulent meat.

Singapore’s food and beverage industry folk were treated to a duck extravaganza at Asia’s largest food & beverage trade show where they were serving up the world’s best duck at Irish Duck Asia’s (IDC) stall. 

Lucky visitors to the stall during the four-day event held at the Singapore Expo went through 200 ducks that were prepared for sampling — an average of 50 ducks per day were prepared, passed around and enjoyed by all resulting in 375 positive enquiries from visitors across the region. 

“This is deemed to be the world’s best duck because it’s got all the qualities for a perfect duck,’’ Ron Lim, chairman at IDC, who is the exclusive agent for Ireland’s Silver Hill Duck in Asia, said at the trade show. “It’s got enough fat, a fantastic aroma and it’s very tender and juicy and that makes the duck very, very special.’’  Singapore is the first country within Southeast Asia where IDC exports these famed birds. 

Silver Hill breeds a unique hybrid of the Peking and Aylesbury Duck that is special for its high fat-to-meat ratio and porous skin. Fragrant and juicy, these meatier birds are perfect for roasting as they have the right amount of fat to keep the meat tender and flavourful during the cooking process. The quality of the ducks is so succulent, so tender, full of flavour, and so consistent in quality that it is often referred to as “The Wagyu of Duck” because, like the well-marbled Japanese beef, the birds have a high-fat content and melts easily in your mouth.

Irish Duck Company (IDC) was founded in 2014 and is the sole distributor of the famous Silver Hill Duck in Asia. In Singapore, IDC serves many high-end restaurants and hotels including the Tung Lok Group, London Fat Duck and Min Jiang and hotels such as The St. Regis and Ritz-Carlton Hotels.

“The meat is very tender and succulent and does not have the gamey taste which is otherwise quite common in duck meat,’’ Andrew Tijoe, President and CEO of Tunk Lok Group said. “We have never looked back since.’’

IDC works closely with Silver Hill and regularly engages with their customers in Singapore through R&D, sampling and marketing support. Having many years of experience in the roasting and serving of the Silver Hill Duck and working with numerous chefs and restaurateurs, IDC has a strong knowledge of how to get the best results out of the product.

Charlie McConalogue, Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine of Ireland cited the success of TungLok Group’s restaurant chain Duckland, which uses ducks from Silver Hill Farm in Ireland.

“We look at the experience with Irish duck and the path that Andrew Tjioe has carved out with the Tung Lok restaurant chain and the development of new Duckland restaurants, which has increased the awareness of Irish duck among Singaporean consumers.’’

As Singapore looks to diversify its food sources, Ireland can potentially be an even stronger partner for the country, McConalogue said to The Straits Times on the sidelines of the international food and beverage trade show which attracted over 2,000 exhibitors from 56 countries and regions. The IDC received several positive enquiries from across Southeast Asia.

With experience in Hong Kong and Macau and continued demand from these markets, IDC is in the process of bringing Silver Hill Duck to Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Taiwan and the Philippines.

Marked success has been achieved amongst Asian customers due to the superior roasting qualities of the Silver Hill Duck.  The duck commands a premium price in Singapore, Hong Kong & Macau where chefs have christened Silver Hill’s unique breed of duck ‘The Mother of All Duck’.

The unique characteristics of the duck are its short legs, thick chest and high-fat content averaging 30 to 35 per cent. Raised on a unique, wholesome diet of wheat, maize and soya, the ducks drink water from wells dug on-site, tapping into the natural spring water of the land. They are harvested at 42 to 43 days old before the suppleness of the meat is compromised and de-feathered by hand to reduce bruising on the skin.

Co-Owner of London Fat Duck, Mr Mervin Goh describes Silver Hill Duck as “the wagyu of ducks” because, like well-marbled Japanese beef, the birds have a high-fat content.  Head chef Poon Kwong Fat, who has over 30 years of experience roasting meats, agrees, “Roasted Irish ducks are more fragrant and juicy as these meatier birds have a good amount of fat that makes the meat more tender and flavourful.” 

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 Photo credit: Irish Duck Asia (IDC)

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