Founded in 1962, Silver Hill Duck is a fully integrated premium Duck Producer. All aspects of our duck production are owned and controlled by Silver Hill Duck, from breeding, egg production, hatching and selection, to processing, cooking and packaging. Our distinctive hybrid duck is the secret to our success and is a breed that is exclusive to Silver Hill Duck. It has been continually developed over the years, to produce a duck that is full of flavour, succulent, tender and consistent in its quality. It is for this reason Silver Hill Duck is now a highly sought-after product across top restaurants and hotels in the region

In March 2019, Fane Valley Group acquired Silver Hill Duck. Fane Valley is a progressive agri-food business, based in Northern Ireland and has been Silver Hill’s feed nutrition partner for over 20 years. The announcement secured ongoing investment in the development of the existing production site at Emyvale to keep pace with the rapidly-growing demand for the famous Silver Hill Duck.

Our duck is a unique and cultivated hybrid of the Peking and Aylesbury Duck that is specially bred for its high fat-to-meat ratio and porous skin. Fragrant and juicy, these meatier birds are perfect for roasting as they have the right amount of fat to keep the meat tender and flavourful during the cooking process. The quality of the ducks is so succulent, so tender, full of flavour, and so consistent in quality that it is often referred to as “The Wagyu of Ducks” because, like the well-marbled Japanese beef, the birds have a high fat content and melts easily in your mouth.

Through serving the Silver Hill Duck you can bring a family together to share a delicious meal and savour the flavour of “The Best Duck in the World”

Since 1962, Silver Hill Duck has been breeding ducks while remaining true to time-honoured farming practices that epitomize integrity in sustainable and responsible farming.

Our farm utilises sprawling purpose-built compounds with a 5km-radius buffer zone to prevent any outbreak of diseases. The ducks are humanely raised, free-roaming in temperature-controlled barns and fed a grain-based diet and fresh water without antibiotics or hormones. Throughout their lives, they are kept in a calm environment with nothing that could shock them and cause them to tense up.

From young, the duck is put on a unique, wholesome diet of wheat, maize and soya which helps to make the meat more aromatic. We feed our ducks water from the wells dug on-site, tapping into the spring water of the land, which is clear, natural and pure. Consistency and precise DNA monitoring of the process from eggs to ducks are ensured by housing the ducks within a temperature-controlled environment to replicate its natural habitat.

Raised according to the specifications of our restaurant customers, the ducks are harvested when they are 42 to 43 days old just before the suppleness of the meat is compromised. They are also defeathered by hand to reduce bruising on the skin.

Introduction to Asia in partnership with IDC

Irish Duck Company (IDC) was founded in 2014 and is the proud sole distributor the famous of Silver Hill Duck in Asia. In Singapore, IDC is honoured to be serving many high-end restaurants with Silver Hill Duck, which has become known as the “Wagyu of Duck”.

IDC works closely with Silver Hill Duck and regularly engages with their customers in Singapore through R&D, sampling and marketing support. Having many years of experience in the roasting and serving of the Silver Hill Duck and working with numerous chefs and restaurateurs, IDC maintain strong knowledge on how to get the best results out of the product.

With experience in Hong Kong and Macau and continued demand from these markets, IDC is in the process of bringing Silver Hill Duck to Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Taiwan and Philippines.